DAILY SPECIAL MENU   – Link to monthly menu


English Veggie Breakfast
V Regular breakfast
2 x lincs sausage (or rashers), mushrooms, egg (or tofu),beans and toast 5.50
V Large breakfast
2x sausage, 2x rashers, mushrooms, egg beans tomato and 2x toast 6.60

Turkish breakfast
Feta cheese , olives, parsley tomato, cucumber, bread of choice and an egg 5.50.( Try served with Turkish tea 1.00)

Free range omelettes served with a side of salad
plain omelette. 3.50
add cheese, feta, mushroom or courgette 3.95
Spanish omelette. (peppers,potato,peas mushroom cheese) 6.95
Turkish omelette. (tomato peppers onion 6.75
Scrambed eggs or t0fu on toasted bread choice 3.90
V Piperrada. Slightly spiced Basque dish of eggs (or tofu) scrambled with peppers onions tomatoes, served with toast and a green side salad 6.00

Breads / Wholemeal, ciabatta, pitta, bagel, Genius gluten free and Panini

Choose your sandwich fillings
V Rlt – rashers lettuce and tomato / mustard 3.80
V Sausage or bacon buttie 2.80
Check the blackboard for any daily specials,

Wraps include salad and homemade houmous
V Houmous 3.25
V Falafel (new Sudanese recipe) 4.50
V Kofte 4.50
V = vegan

V Soup always delicious and homemade – from 3.00

V Main meal, seasonal dish- ready for 12pm from 4.25

V Kofte meal 3 kofte, roast potato and salad 4.85
V Jacket potato (plain) served with a small side salad 3.50
see extras 75 ea

V Small 2.50
V Large 3.95

Burgers served on a wholemeal bap with lettuce, tomato and a relish
V Frys burger 4.50
V Mushroom and bean (homemade)4.50
V Curried green lentil burger (homemade) 4.50
V Kofte4.50

Gozleme Popular Turkish stuffed breads
V Spinach, mushroom or potato 4.00
Feta cheese (or Cheezly) and parsley 4.50

Childrens Feel free to ask for us to adapt for childrens choices

Cakes and Sweets
regulars are:

V Tofu cheesecake  no gluten ingredients
V Chocolate fudge (FAIRTRADE CHOC)
V Carrot

Cake menu and prices varies

Hot Drinks(Obviously the best brews in Bolton)

Tea, clipper organic and fair-trade 1.50
Black, green, red and white tea, Turkish tea
loads of herbal teas all ……… 1.50

chai latte 2.90


Oromo Coffee
Regular 1.90
Espresso 1.60
Cappuccino 2.30
Latte 2.30
Hemp latte 2.60
Mocha 2.90
Extra shot 50
Syrup 45
Turkish coffee 1.80

Hot chocolate 2.30
Zapatista coffee prices as above

Soya, oat almond, hemp and coconut milk  and Organic  semi skimmed dairy milk

Soft drinks and juices
Mawsons served hot or cold: Sarsaparilla, Dandelion & burdock   1.50
Fentimans: Curiosity cola, mandarin orange jigger ginger beer, shandy 1.95
Frobishers: Bumble berry juice, pineapple, 1.95
Karma: cola, gingerella, lemony lemon  1.99
Fair trade orange, pineapple and tropical 85
Kombucha  2.20

Fresh fruit smoothie 2.90