If you have excess or spare produce from your garden, then why not bring it along to the Kitchen? We’ll weigh your bounty and then calculate the veg exchange rate…which is calculated through current wholesale prices.

As part of our ongoing commitment to support the local food growing community and to make the most of the seasonal goodies, we will be delighted to take any excess fruit & veg if we can use it in our monthly menu and in return give you vouchers to spend on cakes and drinks in the Café.

So, come along and join in the kitchen’s Fruit & Veg Exchange which will run until all your seasonal bounty runs out!!

Keep an eye on our New Veg Exchange blackboard for produce we will be requiring each month.

Some of the vegetables on the coming menu’s will be parsnips, leeks, beetroot, winter salad leaves, kale, spinach and leaf beet.

Before bringing your produce please check out the produce we require from our noticeboard in the kitchen café or by giving us a call on 01204 770881.

The Fruit and Veg exchange is open daily between 10am & 11am or 2pm & 4pm.

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