Our vision and values 

Here at ‘The kitchen on great moor street’  we are aware of the importance that  food  has to wellbeing. We  make a conscious effort to make the most of   the significant impact food has on – individual and social health, environment, education, and culture and community. 

Through our community education projects we  present the relationship choices in diet have to individual health, how choices in consumption link to effects on environment  and impact on growers lives and community, how learning and education can be the connection to empower individuals towards self sufficiency and how enjoyment of food can link cultures. 

To these aims the cafe will act as a central point for local community food  projects and activities, the kitchen on great moor street café is an  open and handy base for  access to the local community food system, raising the profile of all aspects of a local food supply and  applying  the  principle of co-operation and participation in the development of a local food solution.

Social mission

To provide an outlet for affordable, healthy food in order to contribute towards the improvement of the health of the people of Bolton with particular regard to those most in need of more healthy food.

To provide an outreach community education programme on the subject of healthy eating.

To provide an environment that is welcoming to all, with information and links to other community projects.

To help members of hard-to-reach groups integrate more fully with the wider community and for that community to realise the benefits people that people from other cultures can bring to UK.  

Economic mission

To establish a sustainable social enterprise providing relevant training and employment for local people  especially targeting people from refugee community.

To provide an easily accessible outlet for locally -grown food, therefore supporting local and regional suppliers.

Provide training and work experience for beneficiaries which will develop skills to enable them to progress toward employment.

Create opportunities for learning and development of skills through volunteering and job creation. We will support volunteers to develop life skills, giving basic skills support, esol provision, healthy eating, health & safety training, food hygiene training, and  development of business skills to support the establishment of a sustainable social enterprise community café within the town centre of Bolton, this café would also stimulate economic activity in related community food groups such as Bolton Wholefoods Co-op and local organic growers through trading with these groups and increasing the profile of these groups.

Our project will form trade links with local ethical growers and wholesalers in order to stimulate the local food economy and to provide an easily accessible outlet for the sale of locally-grown food.

Environmental mission

Lakamka are aware food production can implicate on welfare of workers and communities involved, impact on environmental damage / improvement and reflect on animal welfare issues. 

We will only use procedures which are sustainable such as minimizing waste, recycling, bio degradable takeaway product, plant based cleaning products. Maximizing use of locally grown and seasonal food, to reduce food miles.

Our food will contain no meat or meat by-products and minimal dairy produce. This is because we believe animal based food production is an inefficient use of land and also can be the cause of related environmental problems. Animal free food also has benefits of being culturally inclusive as our aim is produce food that everyone can enjoy. 

We support sustainable and safe methods of food production both environmental and social and operate in a way that is environmentally friendly.

The menu on offer in our town centre food outlet will be focused on nutritional content and information around this. We will include options for food intolerances  and are mindful of prevalent medial conditions (such as diabetes) when preparing our menus.

We link with and work with like minded individuals and groups to further these aims.