Our central purpose is to establish a town centre social enterprise that will provide an outlet for affordable, healthy, locally produced food,  and which will also provide employment and training opportunities for local people,  including asylum seekers and refugee communities.

This project is highly innovative in that it brings several diverse elements and objectives together under one umbrella: 

Health Promotion and Development: Lakamka will actively promote current health messages through promoting fresh fruit and vegetables, 5-A-Day activities, exclusively healthy and tasty menu, Balance of Good Health, moderation in salt, fat & sugar consumption, promote whole-foods and so on.

Environmental Sustainability Lakamka will use and promote locally-grown fruit & vegetables. Lakamka will provide distribution outlets for local produce and will be linked to local growing projects. It will also employ practices that are environmentally sustainable such as  reducing waste and pollutants  and recycling waste products where possible. 

Community Cohesion: Lakamka operates equal opportunities policies through the composition of its staff and volunteers, and through the interaction of its activities with the general public,. Lakamka is facilitating better integration of hard-to-reach groups (including new & emergent communities) with more established communities in Bolton. 

Training, Employment & Regeneration: Lakamka will be an ongoing enterprise for training and employment. The centre will also facilitate volunteering opportunities as  skills for jobs activity.