Lakamka was constituted as a community group in October 2008,  as a group of people we had been working together on  community education projects for 10 years, members within the group have developed and delivered a series of successful healthy cookery courses and workshops which draw attention to the healthful properties of food. 

Founder members of Lakamka became so through the initial steps of volunteering and community activism, we recognize community working as a vital steps towards personal development, self empowerment and community development. 

Lakamka’s steering group has been set up as a further development of several existing strands. These strands include :-

 The Refugee Healthy Eating Project. This has operated at the refugee drop-in run by Befriending  Refugee & Asylum Seekers Support  at Victoria Halls. The project is co-ordinated by a community initiative called The Green House Project and is supported by Bolton PCT, Bolton Community College and Bolton Community Homes (the  initial funders). It runs healthy eating sessions every Wednesday afternoon and has been successful in helping refugees to lead cooking sessions themselves and record and share recipes from their countries of origin.

The World of Food Festivals. The World of Food Committee has been holding international food-tasting events for several years and is supported by several different community groups and agencies. It has been chaired in recent years by Bolton Council for Voluntary Services. 

Bolton Gathering of Organic Growers. This community network encourages local food growing. Over the last 10 years GOG has supported the development of several projects (including community gardens) which successfully target hard-to-reach groups. 

The Greenhouse Project. This project supports local diverse communities working together on sustainable local initiatives. The project has run projects on food growing, refugee support, bio-diesel production and healthy eating. The steering group was set up in October 2001 and consists of advisors from agencies, Green House Project support staff and volunteers drawn from local communities, especially refugees.  

The key milestones in this development have been as follows:- 

1990 ending 2001. Development of fruit and veg co-ops. Seven in total based on local estates

1998 Development of Bolton Wholefood Co-op

1990 – present.  Development of local community food gardens targeting both local areas and hard to reach groups

1999 Development of World of Food Festivals

2007  Development mobile fruit and veg shop

2008 Lakamka

2010 The Kitchen on Great Moor Street – vegetarian vegan cafe 

The organisation was developed through community education projects run as part of the Green House Projects activities and was developed into a business with the help of NLDC funded training on community enterprise and  business support from  the co-operative enterprise hub.